Network Optimization

Trained Man-power for handling Network related calls on Fiber and Copper. 

Network Audits

Trained Man-power for TRAI Regulatory Network and Power Audits of new connections installed and for Enterprise Customers.

Technical Man-power Outsourcing

Capable of giving Trained Man-power for : NOC management. Engineers of L2 & l3 level.

WAN Integration

The convergence of telephony, video storage and traditional data over a single network is inevitable. Therefore, the importance of a correctly designed, implemented and intelligent IP network foundation is crucial. Amtrak’s infrastructure team specializes in remote office WAN integration and network upgrade or refresh. We work with your IT department to design a custom remote office infrastructure configuration to accommodate your preferred WAN connectivity type. We then coordinate the installation of this WAN configuration in your remote offices through our network of certified cabling installers. Amtrak takes responsibility for coordinating, planning, provisioning and implementation phases of the project to ensure standardization and close control of all aspects of the project.  

IT Consultancy

We are offering the consulting services focused on helping our Customers to identify improvement areas, analyzing business problems, and capturing business requirements. In addition consulting services aim to implement high value solutions, including the required change management aspects of it. The goal is to help you get measurable business results from our solutions. By helping you realize capabilities and adding value to your business, Amtrak’s Consulting approach is designed to help you improve your business agility.

Defence & Electronics

The market for surveillance and reconnaissance, military mission management, platform, self-protection and network-enabled capabilities is addressed by a business based on sensors and subsystems together with equipments like military mission systems, digital map generators, data link systems, radars and missile warning and jamming systems. The range includes: Audio & Video Surveillance Audio and Video Bugs Global Positioning Systems GSM/CDMA/RF Jammers GSM & CDMA Interceptor